Ways to Make Sure Your Garage Door is Vacation Ready

planeWhen you go on vacation, you don’t want to have to worry about home. You want to leave the world behind and just relax. To get the most relaxation and worry free time, out of your vacation, put a little planning into how you leave your home. Before you board the plane or pack your car for your trip, take a few minutes and make sure that your home is also ready for vacation. There are simple ways to make sure your garage door is vacation ready.

Check Reliability of Your Locks

lockGarage doors can be tempting for criminals. This is because they are known to be easy points of entry. You can reduce this temptation by making your garage door harder to break into.

Start by disconnecting your electric garage door opener. Also, put a padlock on the latch for the overhead door. Lastly, place a stick of wood or metal bar in one of the holes in the door track. These steps will make it extremely difficult for criminals to break in.

Make Sure the Exterior is Well Lit

exteriorCriminals like the dark. They don’t like it if they can be seen trying to break in. Exterior motion sensor lights are great deterrents. If someone does approach your house then the motion sensors will make sure they are not in the dark. You also can put the lights in your garage and even your house on a timer. This gives the illusion of someone being home.

Talk With Your Neighbors

NeighborsIn this age of computers, social media, and video games, we don’t always know our neighbors. But, if you have neighbors that you are friendly with then you can enlist their help. Let them know you are going on vacation. Ask them to keep an eye out for anyone snooping around. Having a set of eyes on your house can be a huge help.

Smartphone Security App

SmartphoneSecurity monitoring and alarm systems became commonplace, over the last few decades. Today, you don’t even have to have the security monitoring company. You can do it from your smartphone. If you install a security system that can be monitored by an app then you can check on your house from anywhere. If you want extra privacy on vacation then you could leave your phone with a family member and have them monitor it.

Garages are great places to keep extra belongings and our vehicles safe from the weather. Unfortunately, the large garage doors can be red flags to a criminal. But, you don’t have to let your vacation be tainted with worrying about your home. You simply need to spend a little time on preparation. Take simple steps like checking the locks on your garage door, disconnecting your garage door opener, putting up some exterior motion sensor lights, etc. will increase both your home’s security and your peace of mind. Our staff are happy to discuss these issues with you. You just have to pick up the phone and give us a call.