Ups and Downs of Steel Garage Doors

Ups and DownsThere are many people that simply think all garage doors are the same. However, garage doors can be made from several different materials. Each type of material has their own pros and cons. We are going to focus on steel garage doors. Specifically, what are the benefits of steel garage doors?


DurabilityPurchasing and installing a new garage door is a sizeable investment. You simply want your investment to last as long as possible. This is the major benefit of steel garage doors for many people. They are known for their durability. If you perform proper maintenance (i.e. making sure the steel is not bare) then they will last for years to come.

Steel garage doors may cost a little more upfront. But, they have a lower cost of ownership. This is due to their durability. Since they last longer, you replace them less than other types of garage doors. This means your cost of owning the door over time is less because they get replaced less often.


SecurityGarage doors can be a beacon for criminals. There are many things that make garage doors burglary targets; they are a large opening, area around them is usually not well lit, they can be easily defeated (depending on your setup and locking system), and are usually away from the bedrooms.

When you purchase a garage door, you should consider security. One security factor is what your garage door is made of. Steel is very strong. If you purchase steel garage doors then you benefit from this added strength. They are more difficult to break into.

Weather Resistance

WeatherNo matter what part of the country you live in, you deal with wind. Wind can cause a garage door to fail. In fact, failing garage doors is the main cause of home damage from wind, rain, flooding, etc. This is yet another benefit of having a steel garage door. Their strength allows them to withstand the weather conditions better.


DisadvantagesYes, we are discussing the advantages. But, for the sake of full disclosure, we wanted to talk about the disadvantage. There are not very many disadvantages to having a steel garage door. The first one is that different brands using thinner steel than others. Different brands also have different levels of insulation.

These are not major disadvantages. You just need to do some homework about the particular garage door that you are looking at. You want to find one that uses higher gauge steel and a higher level of insulation.

There is no doubt that a garage door is a major investment. It also takes a little planning to purchase one that will last for years, provide added security, and stand up to the elements. Finding all of these qualities begins with looking at what the door is made of. You may have to spend more upfront but considering one of the many steel garage doors available will provide all this. You now have a better understanding of the ups and downs of steel garage doors.