How Wind Resistant is Your Garage Door

windThere is no denying that weather can play havoc on our homes. One of the potential weather issues is wind. Your garage door is often on a side of your home that is exposed to wind. The size of the door can make it vulnerable to damage from the weather, especially wind. That is why it is extremely important to put some thought into the weather resistance of your door. So, how wind resistance is your garage door? If you aren’t sure then this guide will help you find out.

Overview of Wind Load

overviewNo, we are not going to get too technical on you. We just want to provide you with things to think about. You can use these to help evaluate both your current garage door and/or one you are considering purchasing.

One thing to look at is wind load. Garage doors that fail during high winds cost a large amount of damage. One insurance industry estimates stated that up to 80 percent of home damage, due to hurricanes, is attributed to failure of the garage door.

You want to make sure that your garage door can withstand the wind load expected in your area. This is not only a great measure to protect your home from damage. It can also lower your insurance premiums. This is a great way to protect yourself and save money.

Other Concerns

other concernsA garage door that is not wind resistant is more of a threat to your home than just wind damage. It also is not as resistant to other weather conditions such as temperature changes. More heat in the winter and cold during the summer can escape from a poor garage door. Wind resistant doors are just more energy efficient. This provides a savings on your monthly energy bill.

Now that you know more about the potential danger and benefits of wind resistant garage doors, can you answer, “how wind resistant is your garage door?” If not then don’t worry. You don’t have to spend hours learning about them. You can call a garage door company that sells and installs these doors. They are able to come out and look at your current door. They can then make recommendations to make sure your garage door is providing your home the most security and energy efficiency that it could.