Guide to Choosing a Garage Door Repair Company

GuideWe all have heard horror stories about home repairs. They seem to be almost as about as used car stories. The situation isn’t necessarily as grim as news reporters would make it. If you do a little homework then you can find a high quality garage door repair company. To that end, we are providing this guide to choosing a garage door repair company.

Do They Have a Website and Local Listing

WebsiteThe majority of scams involving home repair come from travelling crooks. They go into a town, offer to do repairs, come up with a reason to ask for money down, and never come back.

It is easy to tell if the company is established. Answer the following two questions about the potential garage door repair company that you are considering. Do they have a website? Do they have a local listing? Scammers don’t usually take the time to create these things. They want to get in and out of town as quickly as possible.

You also want to survey their website. You want to look at their “Contact” or “About Us” pages. You want to make sure that there is an address listed. If scammer has created a website then they won’t list an address. After all, they don’t have one. They also don’t want anyone tracking them down later.

Ask For References

ReferencesThis is a great rule for any type of home improvement. You want to make sure that the company does quality work. This doesn’t mean they can’t be a new company. Even new companies have a few clients. If they provided a good service then they will have references. You should be leary of any garage door repair company that can’t provide references.

Consider How They Answer The Phone

Answer The PhoneThis is one thing that many people don’t consider. We are not talking about simply being friendly on the phone. How friendly they are can tell you something about their customer service. What we are talking about is the greeting they use.

Companies that are unscrupulous have to change their name frequently. Believe it or not, they can do this so often that they forget today’s name. If they don’t answer with a specific company name then ask, “what company am I speaking with?” If they hesitate then that is a red flag.

There are many very reputable garage door repair companies out there. Unfortunately, there are some criminals also. Good news, it is not that hard to tell them apart. You only need to remember the tips here. If you look for a company with a website that includes their address, a local listing, ask them for references, and consider how they answer the phone then you will weed out scammers. So, the nest time you need a repair, remember what you learned on this guide to choosing a garage door repair company.