Best Garage Door Accessories

Garage DoorGarage door openers are great for providing some simplicity and convenience to our lives. But, are you getting the most functionality, out of your garage door opener, as you can? There are some great accessories that can increase the functionality and convenience. Consider these great garage door accessories.

Wireless Keypad

Wireless KeypadOften, we leave our garage door openers in our vehicles. This is a logical place for them. But, there are times where it would be nice to have another option. For instance, it would be great when the kids are coming home from school but you are not there yet.

This is where a wireless keypad can come in handy. You can place them outside your garage door. They are commonly placed on the garage door frame right beside the door. They use a programmable pin number to open the door. You don’t have to have the garage door opener with you to still be able to open the door.

Garage Door Monitor

MonitorThe first on our list of accessories you may already have heard off. The garage door monitor is an accessory that is not as well known. But, it offers another layer of convenience. Have you ever gotten prepared for bed and wondered if the garage door was open? Many of us have had that experience. This accessory allows you to check and see if the door is shut from anywhere in your home.

Laser Parking System

LaserAnother issue that a garage door opener accessory can address is where to park your car. You want to park where you get the most usable space in the garage. Many people solve this issue by doing things like hanging tennis balls. When the balls touch the car, they know when to stop. A laser parking system actually shows you exactly where to park and when to stop.

Backup Battery

BatteryPower outages are inconvenient in a many ways. One of these ways is that you are unable to use your garage door opener. If you need to open the door then you have to disconnect the opener. A battery backup solves this issue. It makes sure that your opener will still have power even during an outage.

Miniature Remote

RemoteIn today’s age of higher safety concerns, having a remote that can be seen in your car is not ideal. Garage door opener manufacturers have already addressed this issue. They created a miniature remote control. It can be put on your keys or carried in your pocket and/or purse. It offers the same functionality as a full size remote but is not visible to others.

Technology is changing rapidly. Many of these changes make our lives easier. It was only a few decades ago that garage door openers were considered novel. Now, technology is increasing the amount of convenience that they offer. By adding accessories like a laser parking system, miniature remote, backup battery, etc. you add more functionality to your garage door opener. You also make your life a little easier. You can call our staff and we can work with you to see which of these best garage door opener accessories are right for you.