Benefits of a Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

Garage Door OpenerNo matter what you are buying, there are many different brands to choose from. This includes a garage door opener. There are several things riding on your choice. You want to find a brand name that is known for quality. This quality helps to ensure that your garage door opener will last for years. To help you with your search, we are looking at the benefits of a Liftmaster garage door opener.

Their Reputation

Their ReputationWe mentioned that you want to find a brand with a good reputation. Liftmaster doesn’t have a good reputation. They have a great reputation in the garage door opener industry. Liftmaster’s products have stood the test of time. There are many highly satisfied owners. They also offer options that other manufacturers don’t.

Choices for Mounting

MountingThis is one of the options that set a Liftmaster garage door opener a part. The traditional installation method is mounting your garage door opener on the ceiling. Liftmaster has changed that. They provide several models of garage door openers that can be wall mounted. This means that they take up less room in your garage. This is a great option for smaller garages or homeowners just wanting more garage space.

Increased Security

SecurityYour garage door and garage door opener is a large part of home security. They protect a large opening into your home. Liftmaster has thought of this. They have created a system that increases the security offered by their garage door openers.

They call it “Security 2.0”. It is proprietary to them. You can only get it by purchasing a Liftmaster garage door opener. You are provided with a key remote and/or opener that is fully programmable. That means yours won’t work on default factory setting. This feature helps eliminate the ability of someone to create a duplicate opener.


ReliabilityWhat does reliability mean to you? When many people think of reliability, they think of how long an item will last. That is part of how reliable a product is. Reliability for a garage door opener is also whether it will work when you need it or not.

Liftmaster has thought about this also. Their systems are known to run for years with proper maintenance. They also use a reliable battery backup. This is built into every model that this company makes. Even if the power goes out, you will be able to open your garage door opener. This keeps you from being stranded or trying to disconnect your opener in the dark.

A garage door opener is a big investment. It is also important part of home security and takes up room in your garage. Liftmaster has thought of this. They have created openers that address all of these concerns. They are known for durability, every model comes with a built-in battery backup, and uses their proprietary Security 2.0 technology. The next time that you need to replace your garage door opener, keep in mind these benefits of a Liftmaster garage door opener.