Installing Your New Garage Door

Installing Your New Garage DoorA garage door is normally the largest moving part in your home. This can be a large investment in your home. To make sure that your garage door lasts as long as possible and provides you the most return on your investment then you want to make sure and install it properly. If you choose to do the install your new garage door yourself, you need to do a little pre-planning and preparation.

Take a Good Measurement

Take a Good MeasurementIf you have installed any type of door in your home or done pretty much any do it yourself project then you understand how important measuring is. The old saying, “measure twice and cut once” applies to your garage door. An exact measurement will make sure that your garage door will fit correctly.

There are several areas that you want to measure. You want to measure the width and height of the garage opening. You also need to measure the headroom needed. You do this by measuring from the ceiling to the top of the opening. The last measurement that you will need is the length of the garage. You get this by measuring from the opening to the back wall of your garage. You want to take this measurement at the ceiling. You need to have enough room along the top of your garage for the garage door and about another 1 and a ½ feet. This will allow the door to open completely. If you are going to be using a garage door opener then you will need more clearance than the 18 inches. You will also need to include room for the opener.

Leveling the Bottom

Leveling the BottomIf you have done any kind of building then you understand the importance of a foundation. After you have taken your measurements and purchased your garage door then you want to start by installing the bottom frame piece. The most important thing to remember here is to get it level. If this bottom piece is not level then your door will not be level. This will keep it from opening and closing properly. For installing the side and overhead pieces, you want to follow the directions provided by the manufacturer.

Installing the Panels

Installing the PanelsNow that you have the frame installed, you need to start putting in the door panels. You want to start by putting the first and second panels together. Hammer these pieces into the door frame to keep them secured. You will repeat this procedure for each successive door panel. You want to make sure that each panel is properly anchored to the door frame.

Install the Rollers

After you have put all of the door panels in place, you need to install the rollers. These attach to the roller supports in the door. After the rollers are in place, you need to install them into the track. As you go, make sure that each track bracket is secured properly. You want to check how tight each roller fits in the track. If they are too tight then there Install the Rollerswill be too much friction.

Obviously, there are many things to think about when installing your door. If you are not very handy, short on time, or just want to make sure everything works properly, we recommend consulting with a professional. This is especially recommended for the measuring process. If it is your first time measuring for a garage door then it is easy to mismeasure. This can throw your whole installation off. There is nothing worse than getting your door and realizing it doesn’t fit.