How to Extend the Lifespan of Your Garage Door

garage doors wear outLike anything in our homes, garage doors wear out. There are many different moving parts including torsion springs, rollers, and the track. All of these are under pressure with each use. Over time, they can start to wear out. The life expectancy of common torsion springs is around 10,000 cycles. Then, there is the door itself. The tempered and hardened steel has to experience a lot of tremendous force each and every time the garage door opens and closes. So, how do you extend the lifespan of your garage door?

Do Regular Inspections

Do-Regular-InspectionsLike anything mechanical, things don’t fail suddenly. This may sound odd because you have had things like your car experience major breakdowns. But, if you know what to look for then there are warning signs. This is what we mean by they don’t fail suddenly.

Doing a regular inspection of your garage door can clue you into potential problems. You want to inspect the door itself. You want to make sure there are no bends, cracks, or signs of excessive wear. You want to inspect the track. Is there any bending or cracks there. You want to look for the same things on the torsion springs and rollers.

There is the Sound

There is the SoundYou probably don’t notice the sound that your garage door makes as it opens and closes. But, sound is a great indicator that something may be wrong. You want to listen a few times so you know what the door sounds like normally. If you notice any change in these sounds then it can signal that a part is wearing out.

You Aren’t Alone

If you are not used to doing your own home repairs then this can seem like a lot to think about. But, just like your car, proper inspection and maintenance can greatly increase the life of your door. You don’t have to go through this hire a professionalprocess alone. You can hire a professional to do both the inspections and regular maintenance for you.
This may seem like too much-added cost. But, you need to consider the effect on the lifespan of your door. Just like your car, without proper maintenance then it will wear out prematurely. It is cheaper to hire someone to do the maintenance then to replace your garage door.

Your garage’s door is no different than your car or any other part of your home. It needs maintenance and inspection to keep from breaking down. It can be very frustrating on a cold or very hot day to have your garage door fail to open. But, this is completely preventable. You want to make sure that you are either performing regular inspections yourself or hiring a professional to do them. Professionals can also let you know about potential issues long before there is a catastrophic failure. So, don’t put off this any longer and risk the health of your door. Contact a professional today and get an inspection done. It will pay off in the long run.