Choosing the Best Garage Door Opener

How to Choose the Best Garage Door Opener

If you are tired of getting out of the car every time you have to open your garage door, consider installing an a garage door opener. A garage door opener will save you from the frustrating need to bend and lift a garage door every time you want to open/close it. Besides giving you the ability to open the garage door with just a touch of a button, garage door openers improve safety & security, a feature which is very important especially if you have kids getting in and out of the garage with basket balls, skateboards and bikes. Without a garage door opener, the items that are stored in the garage are vulnerable to theft and moisture. Read this guide to learn how to choose the best garage door opener.

Features Found On the Best Garage Door Openers

i. Remote-Control Dependability

Your garage door opener may get interfering signals from the garage door openers of your neighbors, especially if you reside in a densely populated area. In order to reduce interference, get a dual-frequency opener that automatically switches between two frequencies.

ii. Low Noise

In case you are sensitive to sound, or if your living room is adjacent or directly above the garage, obtain a direct-driven or belt-driven model.

iii. Rolling-Code Security Technology

With this technology, every time a remote control is used, a new, non-repeating access code is selected from billions of possibilities. This helps to prevent the burglars from guessing the code of your opener. Furthermore, it prevents your door from being accidentally opened by your neighbors’ remote control.

iv. Battery Backup

With this feature, you will be able to use your garage door even when you are out of power. Nonetheless, it is a rare feature which is only found on high-end models. If the garage door opener doesn’t have a battery backup, it should have a manual release that will enable you to open & close the door by hand when you are out of power.

v. A Touchpad or Keypad for Remote Entry

This feature can either come as a standard with a particular unit or be added as an option.

vi. Overhead Lights

This is a standard feature for nearly all garage door openers. Look for lights that can be controlled independent of the opening or closing of the door. There are models which have a motion sensor for automatically activating the lights whenever someone is in the garage.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Garage Door Opener

• The Power of the Motor

The needed power of the motor depends on the weight of the garage door. Choose a 1/2hp opener for a lightweight door, 3/4hp opener for a heavy residential garage door, and a 1¼hp for an oversized, super heavy garage door.

• Height of the Garage Door

There are many garage door openers that can be used on a 7-ft-high door without being modified. Most extension kits usually cost an additional amount of about $50.

• Safety Features

Choose a garage door which has a sensor for preventing it from striking anyone in its way. Other safety features you can choose include: automatic reverse in case of any obstruction, sensor which stops the door in case it gets in contact with an object, etc.

• Do-It-Yourself or Hire A Pro?

According to user reviews, it’s clear that not every homeowner has the required knowledge to fully install a garage door by him/herself. However, if you possess some basic handyman skills, the task is certainly doable. If you choose to do the installation by yourself, make sure you follow the instructions very carefully; otherwise hire a professional for the job.

• Allocated Budget to the Project

The price of a garage door opener is usually determined by the features it (the opener) has. Ensure that the overall sum (the cost of the opener and installation fees) is within your allocated budget.


When it comes to buying garage door openers, there is surprisingly a variety of options to choose from.